Live On The Wild Side



Bring a sense of adventure to your home with an animal print carpet . Our stylish carpets and rugs are made from 80% wool. Offered in a range of designs and styles that can be customised and delivered across the UK, Europe and beyond.

Savanna Scenes

Made by superior Nylon this stunning range of 9 animal prints combine luxuries feel, fine craftsmanship and trend-setting style with the ultimate in durability. Savanna Scenes is suitable for both residential and commercial installations 

Masland Animal Skins

Add a graceful and elegant pattern to your design inspiration, these animal skins add sophistication and style to any room.  These patterns function as a chic neutral and compliments virtually any colour palette or style, withpout competing with other decor elements. Made with 100% New zealand wool to provide a luxury feel.

What Our Clients Think

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